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Heat Sink:
Extrused Heat Sink,Stamping Heat Sink,Cross-cut Heat Sink,
Bonded Fin Heat Sink,Folded Fin Heat Sink,Radiant Heat Sink,
Die-Casting Heat Sink,Forging Heat Sink,LED Heat Sink,
CPU Heat Sink,Fan Heat Sink,Heatpipe Heat Sink。
Metal Parts:
Bracket / Holder,Chassis,Front / Back Panel,
Handle,Cover (included up, under and side)。
Thermal Pad,Thermal Grease。

Taiwan Factory:
CNC Automated Milling Machine 8 tools、
CNC Lathe 3 tools、
Pressure Stamping Tools、
Drilling & Tapping Bidirectional Machine Tools、
Automated Drilling Machine Tools、
Automated Sawing Machine Tools、
CMM Vibration-Milling Machines….etc.。
China Factory:
Automated Cross-Cutting Machine 9 tools、
Drawing Machine Tools、
Polishing Machine Tools、
CNC Milling Machine Tools、
Stamping Machine Tools、
Wire Cutting Machine Tools...etc。